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The Big Parade

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Movies Just Watched

The Big Parade (1925)
In this highest grossing silent film of all time, a rich, young, innocent clean-shaven lad enlists for World War I service with his buddies but  soon learns the horrors of war.  However, before battle, romance is struck between the young American and a French farm girl. I won’t give away the full story. Read the full synopsis and reviews here if you would like.  But it is a must see film.

This is the first silent film I have really enjoyed that I have seen-and it was well over a 2 hour movie. Along with engaging characters and realistic imagery, it was filled with romance, comedy, and war drama. It is probably the best World War 1 movie of all time especially for its day. This film was filled with realistic battle scenes and frontline experiences.  John Gilbert had an amazing performance as James (“Jim”) Apperson. This film depicts his growth from a naive young man to battle hardened hero determined to survive and find his love.

There were many different things in the movie to like including the various characters, story lines and cinematography. The goofy sidekicks, Bull and Slim were fun to watch and added to the humor but they also showed their heroism and friendship on the battle lines. Of course my favorite part of the story is the love story between Jim and the young French farm girl named Melisande played by Renee Adoree. From the very first scene together when they met  to the gum chewing scene, I enjoyed the wit and sweetness of the couple while battling a language barrier, which added even more humor. Even the dramatic buildup to the men leaving to battle had its funny moments. I particularly enjoyed  the part where Melisande is frantically hanging on for dear life of the truck leaving and also Jim’s leg. When she finally lets go, Jim throws her a necklace to keep and even one of his shoes. Even the music composed and conducted by Carl Davis fit perfectly to each scene and feeling at the time in the movie.  I was nervous about the ending…!  It is a must see film and I highly recommend it for your viewing pleasure!


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Doctor Zhivago

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This is one of my favorite movies of all time.  It grabbed a hold of me from the start and surprised me throughout.   It can be placed in a number of genres including romance, war, drama, suspense, etc.

The cast was exceptional.  Julie Christie is angelic but seductive at the same time.  Omar Sharif is magnificent.  And Rod Steiger plays the perfect bad guy.  Incredible movie for its time.  I give Doctor Zhivago an A+ and a must see movie for classic movie lovers.

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Gone With The Wind

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A 14 Year Old’s Perspective on Classic Movies-Article #6
by Emily Hodges

“Gone With The Wind”

Emily Hodges

“Gone With The Wind”. Where to begin? It was a long movie and I have to admit, at first, I thought it was going to be a boring movie.  I mean, a long old movie about the civil war? But it surprised me. It was interesting and towards the end, my heart caught in my throat.

In my opinion, Ashley Wilkes did not fit in the society the war left in its wake.  He was a studious and a sort of romantic man.  With him, it was always dreams.  He was untouchable to Scarlett.  He may have been her beau before, but Scarlett had had many anyway.  Before he left for the war, he married a shy (and later good friend of Scarlett’s) Melanie (Mellie) Hamilton.

Because Scarlett O’ Hara had gone through the trauma of a war, I expected her to straighten up and to forget about Ashley Wilkes.  Yet she grew more conniving and selfish.  For one, she stole her sister’s beau, Frank Kennedy not for love but for money.  Secondly, she did not love the daughter she had with Rhett Butler.  To me, that is just plain awful. Would you ever even dream of having a beautiful daughter and not love her?

It seems to me, that Scarlett does not know the meaning of love.  She doesn’t know what it is.  It might as well be a foreign or lost language to her.  She may have felt the loss when Bonnie died, and she might have even felt lonely when Rhett left her.  But her heart did not break;  She put on a good act.  At the end of the first half of the movie was very powerful, “…. for as long as I live, I shall never be hungry again….”

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Robert Taylor Movies

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Right now and through tomorrow, check out Robert Taylor movies on TCM-Turner Classic Movies such as Conspirator, Time Square Lady, Devil’s Doorway, and Small Town Girl.

Taylor made many movies from the 30’s through the 60’s. Toward the end of his career, he ended up mostly in television. He took over the narrator position of Ronald Reagan in Death Valley Days when Reagan began his political career. Robert  Taylor continued this role until his death in 1969 when he died of lung cancer at the age of 57.

Watch Robert Taylor now on Turner Classic Movies.

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Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers

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For your viewing pleasure, watch the YouTube videos of Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire. They are one of the most fun-loving duos in classic film.

Too Hot to Handle

Top Hat – The Piccolino

Cheek to Cheek

Let Yourself Go

The Kiss

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Christmas Movies

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The Thanksgiving holiday begins the tradition of watching classic Christmas movies, such as “Its a Wonderful      Life”, “Miracle on 34th Street”, “A Christmas Story”, “A Christmas Carol” and the classic Christmas cartoons like  “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”,  “Frosty, the Snowman”, “Rudolph” and more.

What is your favorite classic Christmas movie?

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Happy Thanksgiving

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Happy Thanksgiving from Classic Movie World!

The Thanksgiving holiday begins the tradition of watching classic Christmas movies, such as “Its a Wonderful Life”, “Miracle on 34th Street”, “A Christmas Story”, “A Christmas Carol” and the classic Christmas cartoons like “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”,  “Frosty, the Snowman”, “Rudolph” and more.    I can’t wait!

What are your favorite Christmas movies?

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Continuing Column: A 13 Year Old’s Perspective on Classic Movies-Article #6
by Emily Hodges

Harvey (1950)

Harvey is a very funny movie.  It may be black and white but it is very enjoyable. My favorite part was in the beginning when Mr. Dowell was introducing Harvey to everybody.  They were thinking, “Now that’s a crazy person”. Nobody could see Harvey except Mr. Dowell, Elwood P. Dowell.

Harvey Movie

Harvey Movie

Harvey, the invisible, 6’3” tall, rabbit, is a very smart pooka.  This means: A creature from Celtic mythology which is a spirit in animal form that is always very large.  A pooka appears hear and there, now and then, and to this one and that one; fond of crack heads and pot heads and “How are you Mr. Wilson”.  Of course Harvey put that in there to spook Mr. Wilson who was reading that in a dictionary.  He was looking around and was like “What the heck!” How spooky!

People looked at Elwood like he was crazy, too!!  My favorite (visible) character was Vita, Elwood’s sister.  She was a crazy old lady and is also the kind of person who makes a fuss out of everything.  You can (now) see how she would react to Elwood coming to live with them.  She got so crazy that she tried, and failed, to lock Elwood up at the loony bin.  Instead, which is also funny, she gets locked up and Elwood is freed.  It’s a very funny play.  I loved it a lot.

In one of the scenes, you can see what Harvey looks like.  Elwood has a picture of Harvey and himself painted and that he puts in front of Vita’s pictures, above the mantle (picture above).

The play/movie (whatever you want to call it) was a little long, but all in all, it was a pretty good one.  I didn’t know what a pooka was until I watched it.  It’s interesting that they put one in a movie.  It was sweet and Elwood was nice to everyone.  He stopped and said hi to strangers in the street. What I thought was pretty weird, considering that Elwood does have some kind of intelligence in the wacky head of his, was that I think that he either forgot the fact that nobody else can see Harvey and will think that Elwood is crazy or he just didn’t want to know or something.

From what I have read about pookas is that they can also come in the form of horses, goblins, and dogs.  They can also speak and are spirits in the form of animals, so they are not always just animals.  They just take the form of them.

Emily Hodges

From Classic Movie World, see More Jimmy Stewart Movies here!

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Favorite Classic Movie

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What is your favorite Classic Movie?  Perhaps you can not name just one but two or three of your classic movie favorites.  Some classic movie lovers remember the classic movie stars name better then the old movie titles.  Many times, it depends more on the favorite movie stars rather than just the favorite classic movie.  Think about it, how many classic movies can you name by some of the most famous movie stars of old classic movies.  Can you name more than one movie Jimmy Stewart was in?  Unless they are considered top classic movies, you would probably remember the classic movie stars over the old movie titles.

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