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Leslie Caron

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  1. j castillo

    07. Mar, 2011

    why do we have to wait for the month to be half over befor you print the months schedule. sorry but its no use to the viewers.
    and you really have the best movies on tv.
    and where can we request movies to be aired.
    thank you

  2. admin

    24. Mar, 2011

    Sorry for the inconvenience. CMW is not affiliated with TCM and it was decided to stop the monthly schedule posts of TCM’S movie schedule. CMW will, however, look into re-posting the schedule, especially if a majority of its followers agree.

  3. Cubanlib

    25. Mar, 2011

    Found your site cuz you are now following me on twitter and vice versa Glad to be here. Look forward to Some classic movie news and blogging.

  4. j. castillo

    31. Mar, 2011

    thank you for your answer.

  5. admin

    09. Apr, 2011

    Welcome and glad you are here! I haven’t blogged much as late but plan to very soon. Thanks for following!

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