Ann Dvorak

Scarface ScarfacePaul Muni, Ann Dvorak, George Raft, Boris Karloff. The godfather of all gangster films! Produced by Howard Hughes and directed by Howard Hawks, this is the Al Capone-inspired portrait of a big-city mobster who mows down everyone in his way as he rises to the top—including any man who even gets close to his sister. One of the most notorious, influential films of all time. 1932/b&w/94 min/NR/fullscreen.

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Blind Alley (1939) Blind Alley (1939)Best known for his role as “Boston Blackie,� Chester Morris plays a cold-blooded killer in the original version of a story, later filmed as The Dark Past, which explores the psychological causes for psychopathic behavior in a fascinating and unusually complex crime/suspense film for its time. Ralph Bellamy plays the sympathetic psychologist Dr. Shelby, whose quiet weekend in the country is disrupted by a group of thugs, including an escaped convict (Morris) and his gun-moll gal (Ann Dvorak). The doctor senses that the brutal murderer is tormented by something buried deeply in his subconscious, and decides to probe the mind of the man to try to give him answers and protect the lives of his wife, young son and weekend guests. Using innovative photographic techniques and faith in science, the film dramatizes the interplay between childhood imagination and experience, and the adult subconscious mind, while making the suggestion that environment is a strong determiner of psychological stability. Director Charles Vidor (Gilda) brought this fascinating, ahead-of-its-time subject matter to the screen. Newly remastered.

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College Coach (DVD) College Coach (DVD)Struggling Calvert University needs a new income stream – fast. So it hires firebrand coach James Gore to build a turnstile-clicking football team. Build it he does by bringing in top players, slipping them stipends, putting them in pea-brained classes, manipulating the media and cutting himself in on cushy side deals. But one of Calvert’s vaunted “Four Aces� backfield has more character than that. He quits when he uncovers the disgrace behind the glory, a move that could throw Gore’s scheme for a loss. Pat O’Brien is Gore, a coach far removed from his Knute Rockne, All-American. Dick Powell plays the Ace who puts principle over playing. And ex-USC tackle John Wayne has a bit speaking role about 12 minutes into the film.

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I WAS AN AMERICAN SPY I WAS AN AMERICAN SPYAnne Dvorak, Gene Evans. Claire Phillips is an American nightclub singer in Singapore in the early 1940s. But when the Japanese attack and take over the island country, the widowed singer agrees to aid an American secret agent in fighting the occupying troops. 1951/b&w/84 min/NR/fullscreen.

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Midnight Alibi (1934) (DVD) Midnight Alibi (1934) (DVD)Someone shot Angie the Ox around midnight, killing him more than somewhat dead. Word is that rival Lance McGowan is the who in the whodunit, and the gendarmes aim to find a nice chair with straps and high voltage for him. Lance needs a Midnight Alibi. Not by an inside-tip long shot would anyone think wealthy spinster Abigail Ardsley would offer it. Fast on the heels and buffed shoe leather of the adaptations of Damon Runyon’s Lady for a Day and Little Miss Marker came this sharp-eared version of the Broadway Bard’s The Old Doll House. Richard Barthelmess plays two roles, slick Lance and earnest Robert Anders, the beau seen in Miss Ardley’s recall of lost, long-ago love. See it before midnight chimes.

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The Long Night The Long NightHenry Fonda, Vincent Price, Barbara Bel Geddes, Ann Dvorak. A WWII veteran who has killed a magician recounts his chilling story. An American remake of Le Jour Se Leve. 1947/b&w/101 min/NR/fullscreen.

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G-Men (DVD) G-Men (DVD)

In 1931, James Cagney helped jump-start the gangster genre as The Public Enemy. In 1935, he waged on-screen war against the nation’s public enemies. Outcries against movies that glorified underworld criminals put Cagney on the side of the law in “G” Men. Emphasis may have changed but elements are the same. “G” Men builds to a fury of bold escapes, siren-wailing pursuits and frenzied shootouts. “Anything worth newspaper space is worth a movie,” Warner Bros. executive Lou Edelman declared. Here, a punchy hot-off-the-presses account of the pursuit and capture of John Dillinger provides the story inspiration as tough-guy Cagney gives it to ’em good in a movie that’s “fast, gutsy, as simplistic and powerful as a tabloid headline” (Geoff Andrew, Time Out Film Guide).

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Flame of Barbary Coast Flame of Barbary Coast

John Wayne, Ann Dvorak. A gambling cowboy on a lucky streak nearly cleans out a casino on the Barbary Coast and opens his own casino across the street—but also vies for the hand of a beautiful dance-hall queen. Will his luck hold up just a little while longer? 1945/b&w/91 min/NR/fullscreen.

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