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Bette Davis Collection Volume 1 Bette Davis Collection Volume 1

Bette Davis Collection Volume 1 includes 2 new-to-DVD classics, featuring Davis in her ninth Academy Award nominated role as movie queen Margaret Elliot whose popularity and fortune has ended. In MR. SKEFFINGTON, Davis portrays Fanny, a beauty who has used her looks to manipulate her way through life. But now diphtheria has robbed her of her only attribute. And without her looks, she’s lost. NOW, VOYAGER stars Davis’ magical portrayal of Charlotte Vale, a spinster who defies her domineering mother (fellow Oscar nominee Gladys Cooper) to discover love, heartbreak and eventual contentment. In DARK VICTORY, Bette Davis delivers a bravura, moving-but-never-morbid performance as Judith Traherne, a dying heiress determined to find happiness in her few remaining months. THE LETTER, a peerless example of melodrama as movie art, stars Davis as an adulterer using her sexual wiles to escape a murder conviction.

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Bette Davis Collection Volume 3 (DVD) Bette Davis Collection Volume 3 (DVD)

IN THIS OUR LIFE Homewrecker Davis runs off with sister Olivia de Havilland’s hubby and that’s just for starters! THE OLD MAID Let the fireworks begin. Miriam Hopkins poses as the mother of the child Davis bore out of wedlock…the arrangement is beginning to fray. ALL THIS, AND HEAVEN TOO Enchanted by governess Davis, nobleman Charles Boyer murders his wife. But is la Bette as innocent as she appears? THE GREAT LIE Friends make the best enemies. Scheming concert pianist Mary Astor and selfless Davis are entangled in secrets and lies. DECEPTION Now, Voyagers’ Davis, Claude Rains and Paul Henried reunite in a gloriously flamboyant tale of musicians, indiscretion and murder. WATCH ON THE RHINE A leader of Germany’s anti-Hitler underground is hunted by Nazi agents in Washington DC. Dashiell Hammett adapts Lillian Hellman’s play.

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TCM Greatest Classic Films: Legends - Bette Davis (4FE) TCM Greatest Classic Films: Legends – Bette Davis (4FE)

NOW, VOYAGER (1942) Academy Award Winner* A mother-dominated ugly duckling turned swan discovers independence – and love. Grab the moon, the stars and a shining Bette Davis in one of Hollywood’s most tender and touching screen romances. DARK VICTORY (1939) “Davis is enchanted and enchanting,� The New York Times’ Frank S. Nugent wrote, in her signature role as a spoiled society girl facing terminal illness – and a last chance to give her life meaning. OLD ACQUAINTANCE (1943) Davis and Miriam Hopkins’s friendship is a 20-year balancing act of handholding, backstabbing and femme fireworks. “Splendid battle of the wild cats, with two stars fighting their way through a plush production�(Halliwell’s Film Guide). JEZEBEL (1938) Winner of 2 Academy Awards* As a manipulative New Orleans belle, Davis sows a tempest and reaps a whirlwind in a fiery antebellum classic, winning an Oscar for her work. Henry Fonda and George Brent co-star; William Wyler directs. DISC 1: SIDE A ~ NOW, VOYAGER INCLUDES: • Scoring Session Music Cues • Cast Career Highlights • Theatrical Trailer SIDE B ~ DARK VICTORY INCLUDES: • Commentary by Historian James Ursini and CNN Film Critic Paul Clinton • Featurette 1939: Tough Competition for Dark Victory • Theatrical Trailer DISC 2: SIDE A ~ OLD ACQUAINTANCE INCLUDES: • Commentary by Director Vincent Sherman and Bette Davis Speaks Author Boze Hadleigh • Featurette Old Acquaintance: A Classic Woman’s Picture • Vintage Short Stars on Horseback • Cartoon Fin ’n Catty • Theatrical Trailer SIDE B ~ JEZEBEL INCLUDES: Commentary by Historian Jeannine Basinger • Featurette Jezebel: Legend of the South • Musical Short Melody Masters: Jimmy Dorsey and His Orchestra • Cartoon The Mice Will Play • Theatrical Trailer Subtitles: English, Français & Español (Main Feature. Bonus Material/Trailer May Not Be Subtitled).

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