Grace Kelly

Rear Window (Collector''s Edition) Rear Window (Collector”s Edition)

If you love your suspense richly textured and multi-layered, you can’t do much better than master Alfred Hitchcock…

Starring: Grace KellyJames Stewart

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Greatest Classic Films Murder Mysteries DVD Greatest Classic Films Murder Mysteries DVD

Greatest Classic Films Murder Mysteries contains four award-winning films starring some of the greatest actors of all time. Some high-living lowlifes want to get their sweaty hands on a bejeweled falcon in The Maltese Falcon . Detective Sam Spade (Humphrey Bogart ) wants to find out why – and who’ll take the fall for his partner’s murder. L.A. private eye Philip Marlowe (Humphrey Bogart ) takes on a blackmail case…and wears out his gumshoes trailing murderers, nightclub rogues, the spoiled rich and more in The Big Sleep (1946). Lauren Bacall joins Bogart under Howard Hawks’ brisk and atmospheric direction of an ace adaptation of Raymond Chandler’s novel. In Dial M For Murder , Alfred Hitchcock’s screen version of Frederick Knott’s stage hit casts Grace Kelly , Ray Milland and Robert Cummings as points of a romantic triangle. She loves another man; her husband plots her murder. But when he dials a Mayfair exchange to set the plot in motion, his right number gets the wrong answer! The Postman Always Rings Twice (1946) is based on the novel by James M. Cain (Double Indemnity, Mildred Pierce ), this quintessential film noir stars John Garfield and Lana Turner as illicit lovers who botch a first attempt to bump off her husband, pull it off and betray each other at trial. (2 DVD) approx. 7.2 hrs.

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Grace Kelly Print Grace Kelly Print

Grace Kelly black and white print. Available in 8×10″.